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Sixt Uzbekistan car rental in Uzbekistan

Rent a car in Uzbekistan

Sixt welcomes you to the modern capital of rich in antiquities Uzbekistan! Rent a car in Uzbekistan with Sixt is the optimal choice that guarantees minimum costs, maximum comfort, and complete freedom of action. Our offices are located in famous Uzbekistan cities: car rental in Tashkent (airport and central office), Samarkand, Bukhara, and Kokand.

We are glad to become companions of your fascinating Asian adventure, starting from the Tashkent airport. We will arrange a transfer to the hotel and welcome you with a name sign. In 2021, SixtUz opened a new office for car rental in Tashkent airport, the terminal of international lines. The round-the-clock work schedule will allow you to rent a car immediately upon arrival and return it before departure, regardless of the time of day.

In addition to the standard package of services – renting a car with or without a driver, Sixt Uzbekistan offers tours in Tashkent (6 and 12 hours). Renting a car for a trip to Tashkent mountains: Chimgan and Lake Charvak is a way to combine business travel with learning about the country and getting colorful impressions.
Or make a trip from Tashkent to Samarkand – the ancient capital of empires, where you can also leave a rented car. Rent a car in Bukhara – visit country attractions with cult shrines. Sixt office has also opened in Kokand – travel through ancient eras with the comfort of the 21st century! A number of additional options are available for your convenience – the “additional driver” function, GPS navigator, child seat, insurance, etc.

We will be waiting for you in our office!



The central office of Sixt Uzbekistan in Tashkent 

104A, Kichik Beshagach Str. (near National Institute of Fine art and Design)

Tel.: +99878 120-90-10

E-mail: reservations@sixt.co.uz

Opening hours: 09:00 – 18:00 (Mon-Fri).


13 Kumaryk Str., Sergelynsky district, (opposite the international arrival terminal)

Tel.: +99899 853-80-09

E-mail: reservations@sixt.co.uz

Work schedule: 24/7


Samarkand is the most famous city in Uzbekistan; you need to see it at least once in your life. The ancient city, of the same age as Rome, enchants with its beauty and grandeur of ancient monuments. Visit one of the oldest markets in Asia – the Siab Bazaar, Registan – the square that most often appears on the postcards of the city, and the tomb of Tamerlane – Gur Emir, shrouded in legends.

Sixt Uzbekistan car rental in Samarkand is an independent choice of time, place, route, and type of leisure which will allow you to experience the authentic spirit of the city and see the sights which are not part of the standard touristic routes.

Regardless of whether you are arriving as a tourist or on a business visit, it is easy to pick up a car in Sixt Uzbekistan which is suits your needs and scope of the budget perfectly. The car rental option you liked the most for Samarkand is easy to book online. You will get the keys to the car at the following address:

Sixt Uzbekistan rental location in Samarkand

Office 47, 100, Spitamen Shokh Str.

Tel.: +99890 128-83-83

E-mail: reservations@sixt.co.uz

Sixt Rent a car Bukhara: DIRECTLY FROM THE TRAIN!

Rent a car in Uzbekistan, Bukhara

Bukhara is one of the oldest Central Asian cities that existed before our era. Its face in sandy tones is famous for scattering concentrated attractions in the old part of the city – more than 140 UNESCO World Heritage sites! In the pre-Islamic period, the city was the Zoroastrianism center, with temples of Fire and Moon, so it is not surprising that Bukhara is mentioned in the Holy Avesta. Samani, Genghis Khan, Tamerlane, and the Silk Road are a brief chronicle of its fascinating history.

You can rent a Sixt car in Bukhara immediately upon arrival at the Kagan railway station – our cozy office is located right on the platform.

Explore the old city of Bukhara on foot – the key attractions are within walking distance of each other. However, when traveling by Sixt car, you can get to lesser-known and affordable, but very important country attractions such as Chor-Bakr and the Palace of the Bukhara Emir.

Sixt Uzbekistan rental location in Bukhara

Bukhara 1, Kogon 200701

Tel.: +99890 128-83-83

E-mail: reservations@sixt.co.uz

Sixt Kokand (Fergana Valley). Rent a car in Fergana

Kokand is a colorful Fergana Valley city, which is mentioned in written Arabic sources from the 10th century, although traces of archaeological excavations point to the 1st-century ad. Until the arrival of the Russian Empire troops, Kokand was the capital of the same name rich Khanate. If you are planning a trip from Tashkent to Tajikistan, Kokand will be on your way. The location also determined a significant role on the Silk Road. Like other Uzbekistan historical cities, Kokand is divided into the old part of the city, where the picturesque Palace of Khudoyar Khan has been preserved in excellent condition, as well as the new, modern part.

As in Bukhara, you can rent a Sixt car immediately on the platform of the Kokand railway station. The famous cities of the Ferghana Valley like Margilan and Rishtan are located at a short distance from each other, so traveling by car you can see them all at a convenient pace.

History, unique nature, decorated with mountain ranges, colorful architecture with its own style, amazing skills of artisans, and a distinctive mentality – become the discoverers of this wonderful but little-known Caravan route with Sixt Uzbekistan rent a car in Fergana.

Sixt Uzbekistan rental location in Kokand

150708 Kokand

Tel.: +99899 444-50-40

E-mail: reservations@sixt.co.uz

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